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This product is a high concentration of available phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizer for a variety of crops and soil, especially for hi crops and soil ammonium nitrogen phosphorus deficiency, it is possible to make crops stem stout, chlorophyll content of leaves, increase fruit set.
In strict accordance with the highest technical requirements of production of export grade products, quality and security;
100% water soluble, high purity, easy to absorb, no hormones, no chlorine, long-term administration will not cause harm to crops or soil, drip irrigation, spraying and other high-end choice for agricultural fertilizer.
High phosphorus formula to improve photosynthetic efficiency and facilitate transportation of dry matter accumulation.
SCIENCE add trace elements, can effectively prevent crop nutrient deficiency symptoms, prevention rather than real flowers, increase crop yields and improve crop quality.

Fertilizer Recommendation
According to local habits furrow fertilization, fertilizing, applicator, most suitable for use as basal fertilizer, the amount of acres in the 15-25 kg.
As a kind of fat. Note that the seed or the root of 3-4 cm apart to avoid direct contact with the seeds or roots, the amount per acre 2.5 ~ 5kg.
This product is a high phosphorus content, after the pre-application, crop growth, the late snow generally appropriate amount of applied nitrogen fertilizer, do not fix applied phosphorus; if the administration can be used year after year due to lower amount of phosphorus was applied, high yield can be ensured.
Main content ≥99.0% N≥20.0% P2O5≥48.0% K2O≥3.0% trace elements ≥0.2%