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The product content is high, with less fertilizer long, absorption, easy to use, suitable for any soil and crops, can significantly increase production, improve quality, to overcome nutritional deficiencies caused by the aging of the symptoms of root crops, crop seedlings rod-wang , root diameter leafy, full grain, precocious production.
In strict accordance with the highest technical requirements of production of export grade products, quality is guaranteed.
100% water soluble, high purity, with less easily absorbed, no hormones, no chlorine, long-term administration will not cause harm to crops or soil, drip irrigation, spraying and other high-end choice for agricultural fertilizer.
Buffer soil pH change, soil pH stability: phosphate and potassium ion composition of the buffer system is conducive to microbial growth and reproduction around the rhizosphere, soil, promote root development.
Resilience: by increasing the electrolyte concentration, participate in water management, the elimination of short-chain carbohydrates and non-protein nitrogen, establishment and expansion of the root system, improve crop resilience.
With phosphorus and potassium transport nutrients and promote post-accumulation, prevention and treatment of plant trace element deficiency symptoms significantly it improved quality.

Fertilizer Recommendation
Suitable for almost all crops in any soil and post-administration;
Various application methods: spraying fertilizer in the main, but also do flushes, etc. IRRIGATING
Foliar spray, drip irrigation is recommended dilution 500 to 1,000 times, the absorption efficiency of 80% to 90% flowering administration to make bright colors, and promote flower bud reminder; fruit to make fruit full application, extend shelf life, and promote early, improving crop quality.
Chong fertilizer acres about 1-3kg, the specific circumstances of agricultural workers should follow local recommendations.
Main content ≥99% N≥3.0% P2O5≥47% K2O≥31% trace elements ≥0.2%