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This product is the most easily absorbed by plants as nitrate nitrogen, potassium and synergies, more easily absorbed by crops, crop quickly add the required elements nitrogen and potassium, crop leafy stems robust, induce flowering, improving fruit external shape and internal quality, increase crop resilience, especially for dryland fruits and vegetables and other cash crops foliar application and topdressing.
In strict accordance with the highest technical requirements of production of export grade products, quality is guaranteed.
100% water soluble, high purity, easy to absorb, quick, no hormones, no chlorine, long-term administration will not cause harm to crops or soil, drip irrigation, spraying and other high-end choice for agricultural fertilizer.
A reasonable formula products, nitrate and potassium ions with absorption of calcium and magnesium while promoting element absorption, reduce the excessive accumulation of chlorine sodium, delaying the process of salinization, trace elements effectively prevent crop nutrient deficiency symptoms.
Resilience: by increasing the electrolyte concentration, participate in water management, the elimination of short-chain carbohydrates and non-protein nitrogen, establishment and expansion of the root system, improve crop resilience.
Crop break dormancy: before sowing seed soaking before germination or crop spraying can effectively break dormancy, promote germination and growth ahead.

Fertilizer Recommendation
Particularly suited to tobacco, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables category dryland crops.
Administration in the growing season, to promote crop growth, so large and thick leaves, stem robust; during flowering can promote differentiation, induce early flowering; administering in fruit setting rate increase and prolong the result of promoting fruit ripening and enlargement increased shading, correct fruit, improve taste, improve fruit quality; · picking administration can extend the shelf life of the fruit.
Spraying Recommended dilution of 200 to 500 times, preferably before 9 am or after 4:00 pm spraying.
You can do basic fertilizer, seedling fertilizer, top dressing, Mushi with about 5 ~ 15kg.
Administration of 0.5 to 1% of the goods or soaking seed spraying, can effectively break dormancy and promote early germination or flowering.
Main content ≥99% N≥13.0% P2O5≥2.0% K2O≥44% trace elements ≥0.2%